Building Materials

We offer a complete range of building materials including timber, aggregates, sheet materials and concrete products.

We specialise in large 40kg bags of aggregates and are also able to deliver bulk supplies of aggregates either loose or in ton bags.

Concrete Products



Bricks – Common Bricks and Engineering Bricks are always in stock.




Blocks – 7n dense blocks and Insulation blocks. 100mm x 450mm.




Concrete-LintelsLintelsĀ  – 100mm x 65mm and 100mm x 150mm in various lengths ranging from 900mm up to 3m.






Paving Slabs – 450mm x 450mm available in stock. Other sizes to order




Timber-ShedWe keep a large range of timber in racks including planed timber, sawn timber, treated and untreated as well as skirting’s and architraves




Sheet Materials

Roofing-BoardsFar Eastern Plywood – 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm
O.S.B Boards – 12mm, 18mm
Eliottis Plywood – 12mm, 18mm
Chipboard Flooring – 18mm, 22mm
Hardboard – 3mm




DeckingWe keep a small amount of decking in stock but are able to supply any quantity of good quality decking on site to order.

We also stock decking accessories including Spindles, Rails and posts.




We stock CelloCavity-Insulationtex Sheets, Trioso, loft insulation and cavity battens.

Other types and sizes of insulation are available to order.



Bagged Materials and Aggregates


Decorative Stones – Chard Flint, South Cerney, Pea Gravel, Plum Slate. 40kg bags.






Sand – Holm sand (building sand), Pit sand, Bideford sand. 40kg bags.





Chippings – 14mm and dust, 14mm clean, 6mm clean. 40kg bags.





Cement. 25kg bags.




Plaster – multi finish, bonding, dry wall adhesive. 25kg bags.

One Coat Plaster. 10kg bags.



Post Mix

Post Fix. 20 kg bags.





We stock most popular dashing spars such as Dorset, Derby and Canterbury Spar. 40kg bags.





To accompany the spars we also stock white mortar and white cement plus cement dyes. 40kg bags.





Underground DrainageWe have a large range of underground drainage available with fittings and adaptors plus drain channels and pipes.

Soil and waste goods are also available